Sunday, March 27, 2016

How to buy a perfect memory card online for your phone

Hello, readers welcome back to Hope Everything is fine at your end. It had been a long time since is posted a post at Today I have a very helpful and perfect guide for you to choose a memory card for your cell phone. It will surely help you if you are about to buy a memory card online or from a local store. Memory cards are used in digital cameras, cell phones, music players, tablets and of course laptops.

Although it’s a memory card but not are memory card are treated equally. They have different class, speed, physical size, capacity. You may need memory card which suits your need. Even a 2Gb memory card is enough for me :-p… but I am using the 32gb micro sd card. Different devices need different type of memory card as per their need. Here I have few things you need to keep them in mind before buying a memory card.

#1:- Speed Class

Memory’s Class in the scene the speed of your memory card. There are four classes 10, 6, 4 and 2. 10 Being the fastest and 2 being the slowest. Although Ultra High-Speed class is also available but it’s expensive and is used for professional use only. The speed of memory matters a lot. For example, if you are a photographer taking photographs in rapid succession via your DSLR camera at high resolution, then you need a fast SD card so that your camera can save it as quick as possible. Further, if you want to record high- resolution video and save it to SD card then you only need to buy a high-speed memory card. But if you are just taking a few photos on a normal camera or for the sake of media storage then the speed isn’t counted. You can even buy a class 2 memory card or class 4 or 6 is very fine.

#2:- Physical Size

 Different devices need different sizes of SD cards. There Are Especially three type of memory cards- Standard SD cards, Mini SD cards, and Micro SD cards.

Standard SD cards are the largest, although they’re still very small. They measure 32x24x2.1 mm and weight just two grams. Most consumer digital cameras for sale today still use standard SD cards. They have cut corner design.

Mini SD cards are smaller than as compared to standard SD cards, measuring 21.5x20x1.4 mm and weighing about 0.8 grams. This is the least common size today. Mini SD cards were designed to be especially small for mobile phones, but we now have a smaller size.

Micro SD cards are what we commonly use. They are the smallest size of SD card, measuring 15x11x1 mm and weighing just 0.25 grams. These cards are used in most cell phones and smartphones that support SD cards. They’re also used in many other devices, such as tablets.

SD cards will only fit into matching slots. You can’t plug a micro SD card into a standard SD card slot or in mini SD card — it won’t fit. But you still can do so by simply purchasing an adapter that allows you to fit your SD cards appropriate slot.

#3:- Capacity

Like any other storage device, different SD cards have different capacity.

But the differences between SD card capacities don’t stop there. Standard SDSC (SD) cards are 1 MB to 2 GB in size, or perhaps 4 GB in size — although 4 GB is non-standard. The SDHC standard was created later, and allows cards 2 GB to 32 GB in size. SDXC is a more recent standard that allows cards 32 GB to 2 TB in size. You’ll need a device that supports SDHC or SDXC cards to use them.

At this point, the vast majority of devices should support SDHC. In fact, the SD cards you have are probably SDHC cards. SDXC is newer and less common.

It totally depends on you how much capacity you need. So before you purchase any SD cards make sure your device supports it. Which class, capacity and size you actually need. Totally depends on upon you.


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