Saturday, April 23, 2016

How To Make Your Blog Not Get Good Traffic?

So, You Want To Get Good Traffic For Your Blog? If You Then Do Just Opposite Of What I Am Gonna Share Right Now.My Guide On How To Make Your Blog Not Get Good Traffic Is For Those Who Want To Get Unpopular Blogger.Take This Negative Points In Positive Way So That You Get Good Traffic For Your Blog/Website.

" Every Pro Was Newbie One Day

This Had Been A Problem For Every Newbie, They Just Wonder How To Get Good Traffic?

So I Am Sharing My Guide Just Do Opposite Of It.

#1 Always Write Short Articles

This is the best way I think to make your blog not get good traffic. Content length always matters when you write an article. If you are writing an article of only 100-300 words then you are on the right path of not getting good traffic. If you want to get good traffic then write a linkable and long article,at least 500 words(min) and 1200-1300 words(max), because if you write a very long article, say 5000 words then that reader might get bored and bounce back. which is not good.

#2 Always Aim For High Competition keywords

Always aim for high competition keywords especially when your blog is new. So that you won't able to get good traffic for your blog. Because there are a lot of trusted and high authority websites which are ranking on those keywords. And if you want to to get good traffic then use long tail keywords with low competition or choose only those keywords which you think you would be able to rank. Always check for the metrics of websites which are ranking and compare it with yours.

#Making Your Site Slow

Making your site slow to load will affect your ranking and thus making your blog not get good traffic. That user will quickly return to search page if your site doesn't load after 6-7 seconds. so if you want to get good traffic and improve your ranking then make your site loads faster. Because this would help you to improve ranking and thus traffic

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