Friday, September 9, 2016

How to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog in Few Week

Hello Readers Welcome Back To TechMadlab. I am Very Excited To have Our First Guest Post On TechMadlab By Preet Sandhu. You read all most every basic thing out there written about a blog. You follow every step and come with 30-40 post within 2 months. But, even after all this hard work, when you come to the analysis you found no sign of the huge increase in traffic at all. You are not getting enough traffic from search engines nor from other sources. So, what is the story behind? What have you to do more to drive huge traffic to the blog? Well, there has some proven strategy to drive huge traffic to your blog overnight. But, overnight does not mean within few days nor this means an easy process. These methods need sometimes, required hard work, and of course patience. But, one thing I can promise you, after you try these strategies you will see a notable increase in your traffic. 

So, here are 4 proven strategy to drive huge traffic to your blog. 

1. Proper On-page SEO and a quality post

One of the well-known reasons for not getting expectable traffic is not to optimize your blog according to on-page SEO rules. Basic on-page SEO is not that completed technique, anyone can learn it from a search in Google. This technique not only helps search engines to understand your blog, but also it gives a perfect structure to your articles. Also, try to avoid plagiarism, don't penalize by Google. Write a unique and quality content. And, never ever forget that in the blogosphere, content is always king.

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2. Social Network

Use Facebook, Twitter, and others famous social media platform to drive traffic to your blog. These are the place where you can get your future engaging audience. Social marketing is not that easy, but that's not tough too. First, you have to understand the meaning of social media. Then understand why people are engaging in any specific social platform. Find out their needs, their interest and their weakness. This three subject will help you to figure out social marking easily.

Almost every social media allow you to create a profile or page for your business. So that a company can directly contact with their fans. You can also use this opportunity to increase your brand value. This will help you to drive more traffic to your blog. Try to make a fan base, notify them your post regularly, and announce something beneficial for them.

3. Create connection with bloggers

This is profitable for you every possible way. There always have some community for you niche bloggers (or just bloggers), join them. Follow their profile, comment their post with a valuable reply, ask them to check out your blog and leave a comment. There Will some bloggers surely help you. And most important, don't forget to drop your link at every possible place. Backlink will drive you a huge traffic from other sites.

4. Guest Post

This is another way to get a backlink and huge traffic to your blog. The basic concept of guest posting is you write a quality article for free to any blog and they reward you with the free backlink. It's not easy getting a backlink from popular blogs, but you will find some less known blog who are ready to post your article for a backlink.

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It is not possible to get known overnight. First, ask your close friends to share your post with others. Use bloggers community to increase your knowledge and get help from pro bloggers. Try to give valuable comment to others bloggers. Drop your backlink where it is allowed.


Anonymous said...

Guest posting is an amazing opportunity for SEO, you're right! I think it is also important for your content to be error-free. I use this grammar editing tool for this purpose.
Thanks for sharing, keep on working, you're doing great!

Sreeharsh said...

That was really a kind of simple description which anyone can easily understand. I look forward to see much more posts on Increasing Traffic!

ANAND said...

Can you Clearly explain about guest post ? What is guest post ? How to do that ? What topic we have to choose for guest post. If I write guest post How I will get back links or traffic ? Please make an article about that. Thank you.